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Ahmed al-Murabet

This section presents samples of the Libyan cuisine, including the regional variations, differences, influences and modern modifications. Although there are no substantial references available, the three books cited below are considered reliable and valuable sources.


al-Matbakh al-'Arabi al-Libee. (The Libyan Arab Cuisine).   
Nariman M. Saleeh, (Nadirco Publishing Co., Cairo, Egypt.),   
ISBN 977-00-6188-3.   

Features helpful cooking hints, a listing of the main kinds of spices, and assorted chapters for different courses of the meal. A large section of the book is  devoted to the famous Libyan traditional meals.

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Atbaaq Hawwa (Eve's Plates)   
Um Mohammed, (Dar al-Hadara Publishing, Tripoli, Libya.)   

This book illustrates the easy and economical methods for preparing healthy meals in the middle eastern culture, with a chapter that deals with Libyan dishes.

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Ta'amuna (Our Food), 3rd edition, 1977.  
Hamidah al-Barrani, Series Editor: as-Sadiq an-Nayhoom (Dar al-Shoura, Beirut, Lebanon; and al-Sharika al-'Amma lil Nashr, Tripoli, Libya.)   

Probably the first book to be published about Libyan food, this classic contains recipes for many traditional Libyan dishes, with pictures showing most of the steps.

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Recipes at this site will be taken from the above mentioned reference as well as from individual experiences. Any comments, recommendations and suggestions are greatly appreciated.